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  • At Life TRNDS we have our own booking platform that will give you savings on Hotels and Resorts World Wide! Why spend hours searching for the best price - we can save you $1000’s yearly on your travel plans - For FREE!

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  • We offer FREE Shipping on all our products which help you save even more!

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As a Digital Business Owner, start your own business today and generate additional income by referring Life TRNDS eGig Products and Services to those you know:

  • Travel Programs
  • Health and Wellness Products
  • DBO Pro™

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  • Customer Commissions on every purchase
  • Every time one of your customers purchases a product or service you receive a commission

  • Earn income on 10 Tiers of Referrals
  • You can earn income from everyone you share Life TRNDS with and everyone they tell, and so on and so on through 10 tiers. That can turn into a very lucrative business for you and your family.

  • Participate in Life TRNDS Global Revenue Share
    (Get paid on those who join Life TRNDS after YOU!)
  • With Life TRNDS Global Revenue Share you can earn additional income in 20 Bonus Pools!

As a DBO, you earn an income from all the people that join AFTER YOU world wide regardless of whether they are part of your organization or not.

The pool grows as the number of people join Life TRNDS. 30% of the commissions generated, including all customers go into the pools. Your share is based on the number of DBOs who join after you. The more people join, the greater the bonuses available.

Digital Business Owners receive a replicated website that includes Hosting, Back Office, Marketing Tools and more!

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DBO Pro™
Take your business to the next level with DBO Pro™!
With DBO Pro™ get all the benefits of a customer and a DBO plus:
  • Monthly wholesale travel subscription saves you $1000s of dollars annually!
  • -Best pricing available on Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
    -Cruises, River Cruises, Sailboat and Yacht Bookings
    -Rental Car bookings from the top brands
    -Luxury Home bookings for group stays
    -Exclusive Deals on weekly resort packages
    -Rent and bid on Exclusive Stays at Resorts
    -Activity Bookings including Golf and Wine Clubs
    -Outdoor Activities, Shore Excursions, Theme Park Tickets

  • Save $100s monthly on everyday lifestyle purchases
  • Access our Lifestyle Benefits for savings on every day purchases. Save on Dining, Apparel, Entertainment, Sporting Events and More!

  • Get a FREE $50 Same as Cash Card every month from Restaurant.com
  • This tremendous value be used at any of 1000’s of restaurants accessible through our Restaurants.com portal in your back office.

  • Refer 3 DBO Pro™ subscribers and your subscription is FREE.
  • When you refer 3 new DBO Pro™ subscribers, you save $39.95 on your monthly subscription so you only pay $10 per month for the DBO fee.

  • Earn income on 20 Bonus Pools in the Global Referral Share
  • Here are the ranks of the 20 Bonus Pools:
    Manager: Level 1-2-3-4
    Senior Manager: Level 1-2-3-4
    Director: Level 1-2-3-4
    Executive Director: Level 1-2-3-4
    Chief Executive Director: Level 1-2-3
    Chair Director: Level 1

To Qualify you must meet the 3 requirements:

  1. Number of people who have joined after you.
  2. The pool grows as the number of people join Life TRNDS. 30% of the commissions generated go into the pools. Your share is based on the number of people who join after you. The more people join, the greater the bonuses available.

  3. Number of Personal Enrollments
  4. The number of personal referral enrollments places you into a higher qualification award level bracket.

  5. Amount of Customer Commissions you earn (CC)
  6. Each product has an assigned “Customer Commission Value” or CC. Receive CC’s from Personal Subscriptions & Personal Customers product purchases. The more you have in CC’s, the higher the bracket in which you qualify for the bonus pools.

  • Pre-qualify for the Global Referral Share
  • As a DBO Pro™ you receive 30 CC toward your Global Revenue Share qualification on the first 4 Bonus Pools. As your personal enrollments and monthly CC grow, you’ll be eligible for additional Bonus Pools.

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